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  • Market Data API Catalog -
    Market Data API Catalog Provides delayed stock quotes for global equities. Provides historical stock quotes and closing prices for global equities. Provides real-time and historical quotes for currency exchange rates (FX).
  • Financial Data APIs | Xignite
    Xignite financial market data APIs have set the standard for usability and scalability for more than 12 years. Traditional market data feeds, FTP and bulk files simply don’t have the flexibility, elasticity, or capabilities you need to deliver innovative digital products.
  • Datasheet | Xignite Market Data APIs | Xignite
    The leading provider of cloud-based financial data APIs to more than 800 Fintech and financial services customers. Xignite provides scalable financial data APIs to help developers in tech and finance power data-driven apps.
  • Why Xignite
    Xignite is the leader in market data cloud solutions, delivering in 2006 the industry’s first financial Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution to deliver market data from the AWS public cloud. Xignite’s award winning Market Data Cloud is a single platform that unifies financial data consumption and market data management — all delivered as a ...
  • Xignite: A Leader In Market Data Streaming API
    The Xignite market data streaming APIs puts Server Sent Events (SSE) to work, delivering market data to web and mobile applications in real time. Using, it is possible to deliver market data, or any other data source, just like Xignite, to as many users as you desire–we handle all the scaling for you.
  • Xignite Market Data APIs - IBM Cloud
    Named one of the ten coolest brands in banking, Xignite provides cloud-based real-time and reference market data to financial services and fintech companies for easy integration with websites, apps, and software. The Xignite Market Data Cloud platform allows companies to simplify infrastructure, scale quickly, and innovate faster.
  • Datasheet | Factset Fundamentals API | XIgnite
    Detailed product information for Xignite FactSet Fundamentals API which offers financial statement data and daily calculated fundamental data for over 78,000 companies from 118 countries across North America, Latin America, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific, as curated and reported by FactSet.
  • Free Trial Registration - Market Data Feed and API
    We found Xignite's APIs to be very easy to work with and implement, offering multiple data formats. We've also discovered that as StockTwits expands internationally, Xignite's broad global coverage means that adding international market data is a simple and straightforward proposition.

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